How it Works

Our main goal is to provide our customers with a solution for every situation. We customize our services according to each customer's needs. We understand that life is busy so we've refined this process to make it simple and fast for you!


Whether your Upside Down on your house or just simply want to sell your house fast and get cash- we have solutions!


As solution specialists, we provide options to get you back to a comfortable house payment.

Buy Fix and Sell

We buy houses with cash, renovate the properties and sell them to qualified buyers.

Buy Fix and Hold

We buy houses with cash, renovate properties and rent them out.

About us

Upside Down Houses is a family owned and operated company! We indulge ourselves in real estate each and every day because its our passion! Our associates are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and devoted to helping people.

Common Reasons to Sell

- Facing Foreclosure
- Inherited Property
- Structural Issues
- Unexpected Medical Bills
- Upside Down on Mortgage Payments
- Relocating
- Liquidating Assets
- Bad Tenants
- Divorce
- Out of State Owner
- Job Relocation
- Upsizing/Down Sizing
- Behind on Taxes
- Bankruptcy

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Upside Down Houses is located in Michigan but we buy and sell properties around the nation!

Call/email us if you would like to set up a free, no obligation consultation.

Suite 1251
376 Beach Farm Circle
Highland, MI 48356

(248) 605-0044

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We are trusted
We have solutions
We close FAST
You get paid CASH

Sell your house fast and get CASH!

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